Forepower was founded to acquire a portfolio of grid connections in the UK, to roll out a series of battery storage sites using lithium-ion batteries and gas generation which is powered by natural gas. The company packages sites from a grid connection, to a fully operational site for a variety of energy solutions, currently holding multiple connections in the UK, across a variety of sites.

The drive behind Forepower is owner Andrew Foreman, who purchased a Waste Processing Facility as a distressed asset in 2015. The site had permission to be a Waste to Energy Plant and through an extensive valuation of the Business Model, a grid connection was secured to service the Waste to Energy solution. The site now includes a 12MW grid connection.

Forepower purchased a 29MW site in Aylesford for Battery Storage and sold the project to a UK Fund Developer, Owner and Operator, in a multi-million-pound deal. The site and grid connection were purchased and managed by Forepower to a ‘shovel ready’ status, which became the first major site in the UK to be sold. Forepower is now attracting clients such as Merlin Entertainment, who require extensive power solutions across their portfolio.

The company works very closely with The National Grid and the UK’s District Network Operators. These relationships have created grid opportunities and a pipeline of sites which is growing rapidly.